Totara Park Mountain Bike Club
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2019 Working Bees

Working Bees are held every month between May and October.

The next Working Bee is on Saturday October 12  2019.

Meet at the Redoubt Rd Carpark at 8.45 or The HUB at 9am.

Ride in if you want there'll be plenty of tools, or if you insist on using your own spade/shovel/wheelbarrow, meet up in the Redoubt Rd carpark at 8.45 and we'll throw your gear on the trailer! 

We'll be patching some wet areas, building choke points and shortcut deterrents where required.


3 hours of work and banter each day, come along it'll be fun.
Please do tell us if you're coming so we don't run out of bangers and beverages.
Email me HERE 

Cheers VP Paul