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Working Bee Saturday April 28 at 9am.

Meet at the Redoubt Rd Carpark,  Bring a wheelbarrow and shovel  , we'll be armouring the portions of DIC, bring a wheelbarrow and shovel if you can, message us here or message us on Facebook if you're coming so that we can supply some food and drinks for all afterwards!

2018 Annual General Meeting

2018 Club AGM
7.30PM Thursday May 10
Friends Of Totara Park Clubrooms
Signposted from the end of Wairere Rd, The Gardens.

2018 Special General Meeting Minutes

Totara Park Mountain Bike Club INC Special General Meeting - Minutes 7.00pm, Thursday March 15th 2018 The Friends of Totara Clubrooms  Totara Park, Manurewa, Auckland 
Meeting Opened: 7.00 pm Quorum: Met (6 required) 
Present: Kelvin Hieatt, Greg Simmons, Paul Allen, Geoff Leckie, Blair Holst, Alan Zuppicich, Mike Small, Carol Lynn, Colin Stickells, Kevin Hawke, Mike Breen, Sue Breen, Peter Futterup 

Apologies: Nick Wedde, Steve Le Gallais  

Moved to Accept: Paul Allan Seconded: Mike Small Carried (unanimous)  
Committee Motion:  Committee moves that the Constitution be amended to incorporate the following change: Remove clause 10.0  

10.0 Auditor

10.1 The Annual General Meeting shall elect or appoint an auditor or auditors.

10.2 The Auditor/s shall examine and audit all the books and accounts of the association annually, and have the power to call for books, papers, accounts, receipts etc of the association and report thereon to the AGM

Mike Small asked whether removing this clause reduces the clubs standing with funders. - No not at all as accounts will be reviewed by CA and main funder still to be provided with report outlining expenditure.  Mike Small asked about advice given that removing this clause was ok and the correct thing to do – Advice to change Rules regarding Auditing received from both Register of Societies office and city Auditors via Manurewa Community Trust. Members reminded as per SGM notice that Auditing is expensive $3 to 10k and is only legally required for large charities/incorporated societies i.e. $1m annual funding and over. There is no mandatory requirement for a club our size i.e. less than $500,000 turnover.  
Seconded: Kevin Hawke. Carried (unanimously)  

Committee Motion:  

Committee moves that the Constitution be amended to incorporate the following change: Amendment to Section 8.3, removal of the reference to section 10 

8.3 At the Annual General Meeting, the President shall present a report of the club’s activities over the previous year, and the Treasurer shall present a statement of the Club’s accounts for the year ending 31 March, duly reviewed in accordance with Rule 10.2 

Amended to: 

8.3 At the Annual General Meeting, the President shall present a report of the club’s activities over the previous year, and the Treasurer shall present a statement of the Club’s accounts for the year ending 31 March. 
Seconded: Kevin Hawke Vote Outcome: Carried (unanimous)  
Committee Motion:  

Committee moves following: That the committee be authorised to make any such amendments as is necessary to update references throughout the Rules as a consequence of the amendment above (for example, the numbering of rules needs to be changed if a change is passed).  
Seconded: Geoff Leckie. Carried (unanimously)  
No other business. 

Meeting Closed: 7.15pm 

2017 AGM Minutes

Totara Park Mountain Bike Club (INC) AGM 2017 Minutes 

Location: Friends of Totara Park Club Rooms

Date: 29 th June 2017

Meeting opened: 7.08pm


Names of attendees: Kelvin Hieatt, Greg Simmons, Paul Allen, Colin Stickells, Blair Holst, Kevin Hawke, Adam Johnston, Alan Zuppicich, Steve Le Gallais, Peter Futterup, Mike Small, Caron Lynn, Kate Loman-Smith, Martyn Capstick, Geoff Leckie, Garth Lawrence, Joseph Allan, Sean Bolton.


17 Members in attendance.


Apologies: None


President report: Presented by Greg Simmons

  • Purchases included a Powered Barrow and a shipping container      for storage of club equipment.
  • Trail Pro were contracted for work on Scrubber, minor repairs      to Pony Express & upgrade to DIC.
  • Digger work/drain reinstatement on the track network continues.
  • Rain events leading to major works on Pony’s Express and      Anaconda
  • His view on the great cow debate.
  • Vision for future included; increasing trails to some 30 plus      kilometers and his goal would be to have a cross country course suitable      for local and national races. Also noted that the plans for new track had      been advanced and costed.      


Conversation about cattle in Totara Park:

Mike Small addressed the members regarding his opinion and position. An extensive discussion followed, with viewpoints for and against cattle in the park calmly debated.


Motion proposed by Paul Allen.

Executive committee are to form policy with regards to cattle in Totara Park. Then to have the policy ratified by the general membership.

Seconded by Blair Holst

Motion Carried.


Funding discussions

The Manurewa Local Board has offered a further $9000.00 to the club to assist with track repair following the storms in March and April. Incoming President to accept and sign funding agreement following the AGM. 

 Present was local board member Joseph Allan who discussed restructure of the local board/council and confirmed council willingness to work with community groups such as ours.

Costings covering track maintenance to be presented to Local board to support need for funding over the next 3 years.

Friends of Totara Park:


Kate Loman-Smith from Friends of Totara Park talked of 30,000 trees from the Mayor’s Million Tree Programme to be planted in the park and that it would be good for the club to work in with both Council and The FOT to plan new tracks in areas before fencing and tree planting took place. Funding for these areas could come from Property Developer Contributions being redirected to these types of environmental and community projects.   

Track Maintenance: – ongoing;

  • Digger work on the trail network to continue, drains have been repaired/reinstated.      Discussion that the drains were deep, and too some, dangerous, will see      the executive discuss the style of drain to be used in future.
  • Resurfacing still to be done
  • MAP 20 & 40 has been decided on as the material of choice      for use on the tracks.
  • Track material deliveries shall be placed in strategic locations      around the park for easier distribution onto tracks when weather allows.


A set of unaudited Year End (31/03/2017) accounts were supplied to the AGM.

Noted by Kelvin Hieatt, was the drop in membership fees over the last couple of years and also that $21,100.00 had been spent on repairing the tracks since the accounts were completed and the bank balance is $16,000. 

Motion to accept accounts proposed by Greg Simmons

Seconded by Garth Lawrence

Motion  carried.


Auditing of accounts/Changes to Constitution:

Greg Simmons put it to the membership that a Special General Meeting is to be arranged to consider changes to our constitution with regards to rules for auditing of accounts and executive membership issues.


Official council signs, council have buy in and the signs may be taken more seriously.


Discussion about subs - $0 for next 12 months to be consider by incoming committee. Incentives to increase membership shall be investigated by the new committee.


Addition of some new tracks to get bikes off the Bridal Paths would mean events could be run more easily without the need for marshals etc.

Election of Officers


President – Greg Simmons

Nominated by Paul Allen and seconded by Kelvin Hieatt

Unanimous vote.


Vice President – Paul Allen

Nominated by Kelvin Hieatt and seconded by Greg Simmons

Unanimous vote.


Secretary & Treasurer (combined) – Kelvin Hieatt

Nominated by Greg Simmons and seconded by Caron Lynn

Unanimous vote.

Council Liaison – Greg & Kelvin – already doing. All agreed it is part of the President’s role.

Club Captainno proposal.

Riders Repno proposal.

It was proposed these two positions become standard committee member positions.

Committee – Mike Small, Sean Bolton, Colin Stickells, Peter Futterup, Martyn Capstick, Kevin Hawke, Blair Holst

All names put forward were accepted. No further voting was undertaken.

Meeting closed: 8.41 pm